Avoid foreclosure in San Antonio

Avoiding Foreclosure in San Antonio

Do you need help to avoid foreclosure in San Antonio? Let us help by either contacting the mortgage company and walking you thru the forebearance and loan modification process. We can also help by offering a cash offer on your home. Either way we can avoid foreclosure in San Antonio.

“List My House for Sale”

  • Have 4-6 months? Listing may put more in your pocket
  • Save your credit from the wreckage of a foreclosure
  • See if your situation qualifies

“Get A Fair Cash Offer Today”

  • Let us know about your situation and your house
  • We’ll evaluate it quickly (usually within 48 hours)
  • You’ll receive a fair win-win all cash offer

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in San Antonio, Texas. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call 210-729-9030...
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Sometimes getting a cash offer just doesn’t work, for most homeowners they owe more than what they were offered

Did you know that there are other options? Allowing us to take over payments and pay you more for your house will benefit you in the long run.

Yes we can stop foreclosure, and avoid foreclosure from showing on your credit.  We have helped people with little to no equity. All it takes is for you to fill out our form or call us today! There is help and information on how to get out of a ugly situation.

Don’t lose your house to foreclosure recovery scams!

Benefits Of Taking Over Payments

  • We’ll make up the back payments
  • We’ll start making payments on time
  • Credit will improve
  • More equity in the long run

Want To Learn How To avoid Foreclosure Now?

So, are you in foreclosure and want to learn how to avoid foreclosure now?  We’ve created free online guides to help homeowners just like you find out your options on getting out of the sticky situation you’re in right now.

You aren’t the first person to go through a foreclosure… and won’t be the last.  So don’t feel ashamed. It happens.

The best thing you can do right now is educate yourself on your options.  For some people selling your home is the best option (we’ll make a fair all cash offer on your house today, just let us know about your situation here <<), sometimes we’re able to help homeowners avoid FORECLOSURE completely, and sometimes there are other options.  So, click one of the buttons above to get your free foreclosure guide.

Call today to get more information on:

loans to stop foreclosure

There are a number of programs to assist homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure and otherwise struggling with their monthly mortgage payments. More info

When is it too late to stop foreclosure?

People who are unable to pay the mortgage on their property often file for bankruptcy because it stops the foreclosure process. The foreclosure can be stopped even on the day the property is intended to be sold. Until the property has been sold at auction, a homeowner can stop a foreclosure. More info

stop foreclosure san antonio

 A loan modification is a way to stop a foreclosure that includes altering the terms of your original mortgage.

stop foreclosure government help

Call toll free 1-800-569-4287 or find a HUD-approved Foreclosure Intervention Counseling organization on the HUD Web site (Texas search results page). More info

How to stop foreclosure auction immediately

Declaring bankruptcy in Texas is one option you have when deciding how to stop foreclosure proceedings. More info

How to stop a foreclosure auction immediately

Stopping foreclosure

Give South Texas Home Investors a call today to go over your options. If you have been receiving notices you need to take action immediately.

Can i stop a foreclosure by paying the past due amount?

Texas law allows the borrower to block a nonjudicial foreclosure sale by “reinstating” the loan (paying the overdue amount) within 20 days after the lender serves the notice of default by mail. More info

How to stop foreclosure and keep your home

If a foreclosure sale is scheduled to occur in the next day or so, the best way to stop the sale immediately is by filing for bankruptcy. More info